The subject of activity of UNICON is satisfying the demands of the market customers for products, parts, and electronic subassemblies designed for the automotive, electronic, and cable television industries, as well as for research resources.

The production and sales program includes about 300 products of a great technical variety.
For instance:

  •  car antennas,
  •  radio communication antennas,
  •  antenna equipment,
  •  high-frequency coaxial connectors,
  •  electroacoustic connectors.

The products are sold mainly on the foreign markets.

Our products are well-known for their high quality and do not differ from the products of the leading western countries.

Since the very beginning our motto is to satisfy the customers’ needs in a fast and efficient way. The company has its own construction-technology office, a tool-shop, a quality control lab, and plastic and metal processing departments.

UNICON is recognized around the country as a high-position reliable manufacturer and partner.