The establishment of the current Enterprise, previously ZZE UNICON, dates back to 1964 when the structures of the former power plant in Białogard were acquired by RAWAR - Warsaw Radio Plant. Once the facilities were adjusted, production of TV subassemblies commenced.

In 1971 the Enterprise was acquired by ELTRA Radio Plant from Bydgoszcz. Production of layer  and coaxial connectors BNC and UC started.
At the end of 1975 manufacturing of pole car antennas and a year later also telescopic antennas for radio and TV receivers was launched.
On 1.10.1978 UNITRA - UNITECH company from Warsaw acquired the Enterprise and its name was changed to ZZE. The production range was broaden by lamp stands, JACK plugs and sockets, GPA 6,3/250 fuse sockets and other products. The articles were also exported to USSR, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia and Germany.

Since 1.08.1990 UNICON has been a self-contained enterprise that has been frequently awarded and received favorable rankings in various indexes of the best companies of Center and West - Pomerania.

ZZE Unicon is also a member - founder of the Polish Chamber of Commerce for Electronics and Telecommunication.