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Car antennas

Our antennas are used in various types and makes of cars.
The types of antennas we produce are:

  •  roof
  •  mounted to the car body
  •  mounted to the trough
  •  it is possible for us to produce telescopic antennas manually extended.

We also offer antennas with amplifiers (AM, FM). Due to their versatility they can be used in all passenger cars under the condition that the installation place has been prepared, or the previous one has been properly adjusted.
Apart from the wide range of versatile antennas we also produce ones for Korean and French cars (they cannot be replaced with the versatile ones due to differences in the mounting hole).
We also satisfy the specific needs of the producers of buses, trucks, lorries, and other special vehicles.

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  • ASp-25.02
  • ASp-23.07 ECO
  • ASp-18.01
  • ASp-10
  • ASp-01.01
  • AAS-4.03
  • AAS-2.02